SanDow Construction, Inc. Government Projects

Over 20 Years of Direct Experience with Multiple Government Agencies

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Department of Labor


Interior Coffee Kiosk - Millwork, Electrical, & More

SanDow was tasked with building a fully-functional coffee kiosk in the center of the lobby at the Francis Perkins building within the Department of Labor. This included millwork, electrical work, mechanical work, and carpentry work.

Federal Reserve Board


Interior Demolition & Hazardous Material Abatement

Provided extensive interior demolition services including walls, flooring, ceilings, escalators, elevators, mechanical systems as well as hazardous material abatement for asbestos PCBs, contaminated oil, mercury containing light tubes for both buildings.

Indian Head Naval Support Facility


Environmental Abatement & Hazardous Materials Removal

SanDow’s scope of work included hazardous materials remediation of the Indian Head Naval Support Facility in Maryland.

Naval Surface Warfare - Carderock


Demolition & Asbestos Remediation

SanDow is a General Contractor that self-performs several trades. The scope of work at the Onley Facility included select demo and asbestos abatement which were self-performed by SanDow. SanDow also managed multiple subcontractors (electrical, plumbing and mechanical). 

Carderock Olney


 Data Room & Office Renovation

To begin this project we performed abatement on asbestos containing floor tile and mastic as well as drywall that had asbestos containing mastic in the joints. Once the abatement was complete we performed the remainder of any demolition.

Department of Labor Child Care Center - United States Government


Interior Renovations

200 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20210. SanDow provided interior renovations services which included, asbestos abatement, drywall, painting, and flooring, at the DOL Childcare center.

Washington, DC GPO


Lead Abatement

We performed a full assessment and lead abatement process for the Washington, DC Government Publishing Office garage and basement.

Department of Labor - United States Government


Cooling Tower Valve Replacement

SanDow removed insulation and 9 valves from a Department of Labor rooftop cooling tower, we then installed new valves, as well as all required accessories, including electrical, cutting, patching, painting and re-insulation.

Naval Research Laboratory


Asbestos Abatement & Remediation

For this abatement we constructed a full negative pressure containment with a 3 stage decontamination facility for ingress and egress. We removed the covers, cleaned them, and then replaced the insulation with new none asbestos insulation.

Washington, DC GPO


Lead Paint Stabilization & Removal

We performed a full assessment of their lead paint and performed our signature lead paint stabilization and abatement process for the Washington, DC Government Publishing Office GPO QCIM Mixing Room.

Washington, DC GPO


Lead Wet Scrape & Encapsulation

GPO B-130 Oil House Lead Wet Scrape & Encapsulation.

Patuxent River Navy Recreation Center


Abatement & Re-Insulation

Patuxent River B6105 TSI Abatement & Re-Insulating.

The Veteran Affairs in DC


Mold Remediation & Cleaning

SanDow’s scope of work included mold remediation of the The Veteran Affairs room in DC. 

Howard County in Maryland


Mercury Vapor Remediation

SanDow’s scope of work included containment of two gyms using engineering controls. SanDow was required to demo the existing wood gym floors to access the rubber membrane beneath. 

Government Publishing Office 5th Floor


Lead Abatement & Stabilization

We removed the loose and peeling paint from the ceiling and walls in the area using the wet scraping method.

Baltimore County & Maryland Police

$ Monthly Contract

Firing Range Cleaning & Lead Abatement

SanDow’s scope of work includes monthly lead abatement of the ranges for the County. SanDow is required to wipe down all surfaces while wearing PPE. The ranges are abated with a lead dissolving solution and all bullet fragments removed and drummed. The filters in the ranges are replaced and area tested.

Inside the firing room.