Commercial Lead Abatement & Firing Range Cleaning

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 Lead inspection and risk assessment are the crucial first steps in identifying and managing any hazards that may be present in your commercial space. Our team may find that lead abatement is necessary to prevent any contaminants from injuring you, your crew or anyone inhabiting the property afterward as even short term exposure can lead to health implications. Understanding what lead abatement is and why it is necessary is vital to health of you and your employees.

Lead Abatement & Firing Range Cleaning

What is Lead Abatement & Why is it Important?

Abatement is the removal of a contaminant from a site or encapsulating it in a way that no longer poses a risk for exposure. This means permanent elimination of lead based paint hazards may be necessary to move forward on your project safely. Abatement can often be a broad term entailing varying methods of approach based on what your needs may be.

Encapsulation is an option that involves  the coating of all lead contaminated materials with a liquid coating, which provides a long lasting and effective barrier and prevents lead dust particles from being released any further. Another option is  enclosure, which involves the covering of all lead contaminated objects with a solid, dust tight barrier to prevent ongoing exposure.

The third option is removal completely which typically requires scraping, stripping, vacuuming and blasting lead-based paint from contaminated surfaces. Lastly,  replacement is the ultimate removal and disposal of only objects contaminated with lead, such as doors and windows. 

Any of these options are absolutely necessary to be completed by trained professionals to prevent further spreading and exposure to the lead contaminants being addressed. With the varying options for treatment and eradication it is important to employ properly trained individuals to complete the job. Only those with adequate knowledge of lead are able to identify the threats and the proper means necessary for abatement. Our team at SanDow Construction is highly trained, experienced and ready to help with all of your abatement needs. 

Firing Range Cleaning in Virginia, West Virginia, DC, Maryland, & Delaware

As the popularity of indoor firing ranges grows, so does the need for containment, removal and disposal of lead covered items. As we all know, guns and lead go hand in hand, but what some may not completely realize is that the dust from repetitive shooting poses a risk as it accumulates and if not properly cleaned and addressed, the threat only worsens. 

SanDow Construction is professionally and highly trained and ready to assist in your indoor firing range containment process. Indoor range services include ongoing tasks that require regular weekly and monthly maintenance and planning catered individually to each range's needs.Whether you are in the market for routine indoor range maintenance and cleaning or lead remediation to recycle your spent brass, SanDow can help make it happen. Our team completes all cleaning equipped with proper personal protection equipment and uses only the best practices to ensure everyone’s safety along the way. 

Using our certified and licensed lead abatement personnel, SanDow cleans, maintains and replaces necessary elements of your indoor range dependent on your individual needs. Our professionals will  clean and maintain rubber curtains, bullet traps, and ballistic granulated rubber replacing them as needed upon wear and tear. HEPA vacuuming and de-lead wipe down is another integral element involved in indoor range cleaning. We are diligent to wipe down any and all surfaces including floors, walls, booths, carriers, lighting, baffles and more. SanDow experts make sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of you and your patrons. We are motivated to utilize the best practices and showcase our abilities to assist you. 

Our Qualifications, Certifications & Licenses

  • District of Columbia Business Contractor License
  • Maryland Home Improvement & General Business License
  • West Virginia Contractor License
  • Delaware Business Contractors License
  • SBA 8a Certification
  • Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
  • HUBZone Certified

Licensed to service District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware & Connecticut

At SanDow Construction, quality of work and customer service is our top priority. We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality handy-work every time.

Firing Range Cleaning Experience

SanDow construction has experience working with high profile professional ranges as well,  Baltimore County Maryland Police Firing Range as well as Baltimore CIty Police Department both employ the services of SanDow Construction indoor range cleaning. Allow this to speak volumes as to the quality of our services performed by SanDow Construction. We are a trusted and respected regional provider serving Federal, State, and Local Government clients from the East Coast to the Mid-Atlantic. This means that we can offer you a trusted sense of safety and security in your business as well. 

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