Commercial Mold Remediation

Leave Your Commercial Mold Removal to the Experts

Mold in your commercial building can have negative side effects on not just the health of yourself or your employees, but also your clients and patrons. At SanDow Construction we are dedicated to developing a plan of action to stop your mold problem in its tracks and save the future of your business. 

One of the most important factors when addressing a mold problem in your business is timing. The sooner you react and address the concern the more likely you are to prevent any  further spreading and contamination. Our goal is to act quickly to prevent mold spores that carry allergens and irritants from rapid reproduction. Growth begins almost instantly upon mold development, resulting in a bigger problem by the day, hour and minute.

At SanDow Construction we are dedicated to developing a plan of action to stop your mold problem in its tracks and save the future of your business. If mold may be a potential concern for your commercial property, give us a call today and let us stop the mold in its tracks. 

Mold Remediation is Serious & Requires Experience, Expertise & Care

Mold Might Be Common, But it Doesn't Make it Any Less Dangerous to You & Your Employees

Mold can be a word that invokes a bit of fear and confusion at the same time. The fear of the unknown cause and the potential consequences that may come along with the mold presence and the confusion about why the mold chose to invade your space to begin with. 

Commercial mold removal and remediation is a very important tool in our toolbelt here at  SanDow Construction. Locating the source of the mold as expediently as possible is crucial in providing the  best course of action for your commercial mold concerns. 

Mold spores are something that can be found nearly everywhere you turn,  as it is a regular occurring part of nature. Growing both  indoors and outdoors, it can enter your building in a multitude of ways. Leaky windows, gapped doors, even HVAC systems in your space have all been proven to be an entry point for potential mold problems, growing and spreading when there is adequate temperature and moisture levels in your commercial building environment.

Mold and rot can begin to form in damp wood in as little as 48 hours from initial exposure, compromising the integrity of your commercial building space and requiring thousands of dollars in further repairs. Mold is definitely something that can prove to be a much larger problem the longer that it is put off. Don’t allow this problem to become more than just a  removal and remediation task.  

Our Highly Trained Professionals Can Identify Mold Colonies You Didn't Even Know Existed

Your individualized cleanup plan begins from the moment that we examine and determine the extent of intervention needed to get your building in operable status. Oftentimes mold can be severe enough to cause damage to not only your space but your belongings inside as well. Although molds can grow on dead organic matter everywhere in nature, their presence is visible to the unaided eye only when they form large colonies. 

This means that those moldy papers you find in your basement storage, or that spot in the corner of the room that looks like it could be mold on the ceiling, are actually further along in the growth process than you may realize. When you are able to visually locate the mold with an untrained eye it is  actually a much bigger problem than you may suspect. 

The unfortunate fact is that most commercial building mold concerns don’t present to your knowledge until you do visibly see the presence of those colonies. By that point the exposure and spread has already begun to take place and has become an urgent concern for remediation.  In these artificially created environments such as buildings, humidity and temperature are often stable enough to foster the growth of mold colonies, commonly seen as a downy, fuzzy or furry coating growing on food or other surfaces. Mold can often be found in the air as well, making the need for professional air quality testing a must.

SanDow Construction addresses every aspect of your potential mold implications through the use of thorough and skilled testing measures. Our goal is to guarantee the safety of your future and the future of your commercial building as well. Allow our SanDow Construction specialists to show you why we are a trusted name in the business and complete your mold removal and remediation today.

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At SanDow Construction, quality of work and customer service is our top priority. We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality handy-work every time.

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