5th Floor Lead Stabilization

Government Publishing Office

Mercury Vapor Remediation
(Rubber Gym Floor removal)


Government Publishing Office DC

Project Description

1. We performed work during normal business hours.
2. We occupied the area on the 5th floor in between A522 and A526 for the entire duration of the project
3. We prepared the work area by placing 2 layers of 6-mil poly on the floor and a 1 layer 6-mil poly wall around the area of work to contain it from adjacent areas that government employees were still occupying.
3. We installed a 1-stage decontamination facility that consisted of a dirty room for ingress and egress.
4. We installed negative air machines in the area to scrub the air of any lead particles.
5. We removed the loose and peeling paint from the ceiling and walls in the area using the wet scraping method. The scrapers were attached to a HEPA vacuum so that most of the paint chips were picked up by the HEPA vacuum, the chips that fell to the poly covered floor were picked up and stored along with the contents of the HEPA vacuums in DOT-17H drums for disposal.
6. After we removed the loose and peeling paint, we encapsulated the scraped areas.

SanDow’s Role

Prime Abatement Contractor

Dollar Value of Contract/Final Construction Cost


Performance Timeliness

April 11, 2023 - April 30, 2023

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