Mercury Vapor Remediation

Howard County in Maryland

Mercury Vapor Remediation
(Rubber Gym Floor removal)


Howard County, MD (Two locations)

General Description

SanDow’s scope of work included containment of two gyms using engineering controls. SanDow was required to demo the existing wood gym floors to access the rubber membrane beneath. The rubber membranes have been proven to contain mercury vapors. The projects contained approx. 7500 SF of gym floors.

SanDow’s Role

Prime contractor

Dollar Value of Contract/Final Construction Cost


Performance Timeliness

30 days

Project Gallery

An empty room with mercury vapor machine.
2 electric grinding tools.
A sports facility with old damage flooring.
Big tube electric machine.
Old flooring removed.
Equipments for flooring replacement.
Old empty room.
Messy construction area.
Basketball court.
Heavy construction equipment storage.
Done removing floor wood.
Wood floor removal equipment.
Heavy construction equipment.
A clean empty room.
Carpet removal.
Removing old wood floors.
An old empty room with a ladder.
Removing wood floors.
New lighting system.
A clean sports facility area.
An old empty sports facility.
Personnels on the move.
An empty room with scissor lift vehicle.
Floor level indicator.
Cleaning materials and tools in an indoor basketball court.
An old sports facility ready for renovation.
Cleaning and polishing the floor.
An electric floor polisher.
Cleaning equipments for flooring replacement.
Messy construction site.
An empty room with damage ceiling.
Cleaning materials and tools in an indoor basketball court.
Cleaning equipment for polishing the floor.
Polishing and cleaning using heavy equipment.