Interior & Exterior Paint

The University of Maryland at Worcester Hall

Mercury Vapor Remediation
(Rubber Gym Floor removal)


University of Maryland, Worcester Hall

Project Description

We scraped, repaired, primed, and painted all of the items below:
  • Exterior entrances in their entirety. Paint all doors, door frames and trim, side panels, side lights, columns, column capitals, pilasters, soffits, cornices and friezes. Clean all fiberglass doors that do not get painted.
  • Building trim including pediments, barge boards, soffits, pediments, eaves, cornices, friezes
    Windows, window trim, wood grilles/muntins, security grates, and panels
  • Dormers and trim
  • Attic vents
  • Paint security grates covering glass in door
  • Hand rails, safety rails and security screens/grates and railings at steps, ramps, patios, doors, windows and window wells. This includes the railings at the staircases at the south side of the building that are approximately 40 feet from the building.
  • Light Fixtures (surface mounted and hanging), only if previously painted or has peeling paint/finish
  • Bicycle racks
  • Downspout boots, utility piping and vents
  • Building identification signs, parking sign posts/frames, and any stanchion posts
  • Replace two sections of damage crown molding at gable on street side of building, and all other damaged wood trim. Replace wood soffit and fascia where damage was covered by aluminum.
  • Metal Window AC Brackets
  • Louvers On The Ground Floor
  • Caulk/seal all gaps in wood soffit 
  • Bollards at the Northwest corner of the building
  • Steam stacks at the north and east side of the building with high heat paint
  • Steel lintels at windows and louvers

SanDow’s Role

Prime contractor

Dollar Value of Contract/Final Construction Cost


Performance Timeliness

June 13, 2022 - July 12, 2022

Project Photo Gallery