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Expert Hazardous Material Abatement And Remediation
in Washington D.C. and Maryland.

We specialize in Asbestos, Lead, & Mold Remediation services.

Our easy 5 step process for getting started:

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1) Call Or Submit a Quote Request

Once we receive your query, one of our expert abatement professionals will contact you for a visual inspection.

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2) Schedule an Inspection

One of our experienced removal experts will visually inspect the area to confirm the presence of Asbestos, Mold, or Lead and collect the samples of damaged or broken materials from the affected area to be sent to the lab.

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3) Precision Lab Testing

The samples go to our precision laboratory. At the lab, our technicians will test the samples for the components, constitution, hazard levels for the hazardous material.

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4) Get Your Final Results

With the finals results on the table, we formulate the steps required for site preparation and abatement. This may include either material encapsulation or complete removal from the affected area, depending on the severity.

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5) Removal of Hazardous Materials

Our expert team comes on-site to repair, remove, or remediate the site safely, on time, and on budget.

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Our Qualifications

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  • DC Business Contractor License
  • DC Asbestos Abatement License
  • DC Lead Abatement License
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  • MD Asbestos Abatement License
  • MD Lead Abatement License
  • MD Home Improvement License
  • MD General Business License
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  • VA Class B
  • VA Asbestos Abatement License
  • VA Lead Abatement License
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  • WVA Contractor License
  • WVA Asbestos Abatement License
  • WVA Lead Abatement License
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  • DE Business Contractors License
  • DE Asbestos Abatement License
  • DE Lead Abatement License

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