Fireproofing Replacement & Abatement

Bowie High School in Maryland

Bowie High School Fireproofing Replacement – Electrical, Fireproof Insulation and Abatement


15200 Annapolis Rd, Bowie, MD 20715

General description of the construction to demonstrate relevance to the proposed project.

• Demolition and replacement of approximately 330 (2x4) fluorescent light fixtures and associated bulbs.
• Installed replacement Lo Profile LED fixtures.
• Removal and replacement of carpet throughout the main office.
• Painted throughout the school.
• Removal and replacement of blown-in insulation throughout the school.
• Removal of 80,000 SQ FT of asbestos contaminated acoustical ceiling tile and associated grid.
• Abatement of approximately 80,000 SQ FT of Cementous sprayed on asbestos fireproofing, abatement of approximately 1000 ACM elbows and tees and abatement of approximately 1000 SQ FT of troweled on ACM plaster.

SanDow’s Role

SanDow Construction was a subcontractor for this project.

Dollar Value of Contract/Final Construction Cost


Performance Timeliness

The project was complete on time and within budget.

Dates of the project:
Start Date: 6/22/2018
End Date: 8/20/2018 (Ahead of schedule- contracted end date was 9/15/2018)

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